Fall Protection or Work at Height Training ( For Management ) Awareness Training

Fall Protection Training or Work at Height Training (for Management)  is all about providing detailed Knowledge to participants about Fall Protection System . Providing them the required knowledge about legislation (National and International), about Standards to select the correct Equipment, its limitations and advantages. Importance of Planning , Risk Assessment, Control Measures ,planning and preparation for rescue in case of Emergency. Important concepts of Fall Protection and knowledge about  Safety equipments available in market. Importance of Safe work Practice and safe work culture. Knowledge about Suspension Trauma ,Rescue Plan, Procedure and  Preparedness.

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Detailed Information on the Training Module
  1. Training Topic

  2. Participants 

  3. Training Type

  4. Duration 

  5. Number of Participants 

  6. Certification 

  7. Passing Criteria 

  8. Content to be covered 

  • Work at Height / Fall Protection Training (For Management) 

  • Team Leads , Engineers and Managers  

  • 80% Theory In class and 20% Practical demonstration 

  • 8 Hours (Including Lunch Break)

  • 20 Participants Maximum  

  • will be issued 

  • 70 Percent in theory 

  • Accident Statistics , Relevant legislations, Standards on PPE and PFPE ,Important concepts of Work at Height, Safe Working at Height, company SOP for Working at Height ,  Relevant Hazards and Risk, Risk Assessment , Permit System , Work at Height Activity Planning and its Importance , Relevant PPE and PFPE , usage , limitation and advantages , Inspection , Do’s  and Don’t, Importance of Supervision, Rescue Plan , Rescue Procedure and Preparedness.

  • Content can be Modified as per need and as per Industry

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