Fall Protection or Work at Height Awareness Seminar

Fall Protection Awareness or Work at Height Awareness Seminar is all about providing detailed Knowledge to participants about Fall Protection System. Providing them the Knowledge of Fall Prevention System and Fall Arrest System, Important concepts of Fall protection system like, Fall force and Fall Factor, Providing them the required knowledge and skill to identify the relevant hazards and risk associated, select the correct control measure, follow the correct procedure , identify the correct and suitable equipment, get it inspected , get the knowledge of the Equipment that are available in market , its limitations and advantages, Suspension Trauma , Rescue Plan and rescue Preparedness. 

Detailed Information on the Training Module
  1. Training Topic

  2. Participants 

  3. Training Type

  4. Duration 

  5. Number of Participants 

  6. Certification 

  7. Passing Criteria 

  8. Content to be covered 

  • Fall Protection and Work at Height Seminar 

  • Any one can Attend 

  • 80% Theory In class and 20% Practical demonstration 

  • 6 to 7 Hours (Including Lunch Break)

  • 50+ Participants   

  • Participation certificate will be issued 

  • No Assessment 

  • Accident Statistics , Relevant Standards, Important concepts of Fall Protection System, Fall Prevention and Fall Arrest , Fall Force and Fall Factor Concept,, Safe working at Height,  ,  Relevant Hazards and Risk, Relevant PPE and PFPE , usage , limitation and advantages , Inspection, Suspension Trauma, Rescue Plan , Rescue Procedure and Preparedness.

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